Do you want to be a voice to be heard?

Do you want to make a difference in your community?

Do you want to learn a new skill?

Join BCWI!

How would you like to be a voice that is heard, make a difference in your community or learn a new skill? Join British Columbia Women’s Institute!

Did you know…

BCWI requested the ban of Aspartame in 1987? Now the real dangers of using aspartame are realized,thirty years later. Will the same thing happen with genetically altered crops? BC Women’s Institute cares about your health and well being.

Sent resolutions to the Provincial Government? One resolution requested the 1% Property Transfer Tax be returned to the communities to help construct low income housing. Another resolution requested both Federal and Provincial governments to reassess the needs of those who have to live on Disability Pensions or Social Assistance.

BCWI is concerned about our environment? In 1978, was the first request to put a moratorium on uranium mining in BC, it was reintroduced again in 2009 to ensure the moratorium was still effective. Site C, another dam on the Peace River in BC, was opposed in 1987 and that has not changed over the years. We are still opposed to the construction of another dam on the Peace River that will destroy thousands of acres of prime agricultural land and wildlife habitat.

BC Women’s Institute is involved in the communities they live in? In the early years, these women’s groups were the hub of their community; vital in organizing most local activities, helping local hospitals purchase mammography machines, tending to local cemeteries with spring cleanup and much much more.

Local Experts

Do you want to learn a new craft? Do you want learn how to can or make jams and jellies? Your local WI ladies are experts.

BC Women’s Institute is a unique organization whereby you can voice your concerns, meet new friends, learn new skills, give back to your community or simply be a part of a social group. It is also an excellent way for new Canadians to become familiar with the Canadian way of life while improving their English skills, “eh”Remember, all ladies are welcome!

Learn More

This is only a brief introduction of what BC Women’s Institute has been concerned with for the last 100 years. For more information read our History Book “100 years of BC Women’s Institutes 1909-2009″ and the companion book “100 Women of British Columbia Women’s Institute 1909 – 2009″ which can be found in the BCWI Store.

Get Involved!

Enjoy the rewards of being part of one of BC’s finest organizations and help build the future of British Columbia Women’s Institute. Become a BCWI member today! Contact BCWI for more details.

BCWI Pamphlet

For a complete printable pdf of the BCWI Pamphlet, please click on the following link  Brochure 2011


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