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Agriculture in B.C.

Vancouver Island FarmWe are extremely fortunate to live in the province of B.C., its size along with areas of different geography and climate facilitate the growing of many diverse, unique products.  This industry includes, farming, livestock, field crops such as vegetables, berries, fruit trees, seafood, commercial fishing, and food processing.  Many people are involved in agriculture, trucking companies, equipment dealers, manufacturers, restaurant workers, grocery stores, and the list goes on.  Needless to say agriculture plays a very important role in the economy of our province, whether we live in the rural or city areas.  Agriculture and food production businesses can range in size from very large farms to small backyard gardens, growing and selling a great variety of products at the local or international level.

Did you Know?

1. Less that 3 % of B.C.’s total land area is suitable for agriculture and food production

2. B.C.’s land that is most suitable for agriculture and food production is in the ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) to be kept for agricultural purposes

3. B.C. agricultural products generate over 2 billion dollars each year

4. Beef, Salmon, Dairy Products, and Floriculture represent the most important products of our agriculture industry

5. There are nearly 1,000 food processing businesses in B.C. that take the raw product and produce foods and beverages

6. B.C. exports agricultural products to over 100 countries, valued at over 2 billion dollars annually

The Peace River area is well suited to growing grains and forage seeds because of it’s Prairie like terrain and climate.  Cattle operations are done on the range lands of the Southern, Central Interior and Kootenay areas.  The warm, dry Southern Interior regions are well suited for the growing of fruit trees and grapes for the wine industry which has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 20 years.  The Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island areas, due to the cooler and wetter climate, produce many vegetables, berry crops, mushrooms, plus most of the floriculture and nursery crops.  These products are not limited to the above areas and there are many other significant production areas in B.C.  Check out the Ministry of Agriculture site for more information.

On the Coast there are many products such as oysters, clams, prawns, kelp, salmon that are harvested or farmed for domestic and international use.  There are a multitude of specialty foods and non food products produced throughout B.C. that are sold at our local Farmer’s Markets and fairs such as honey, beeswax candles, eggs, chickens, bulbs, flowers, herbs, soaps, smoked salmon,  etc….  We live in a rich , diverse province and we are all impacted whether directly or indirectly by the foods and agriculture products that are grown here.  Let’s be informed and aware of  the things that could impact our abilities to produce our own food, like water, available land, climate change and the importing of food items from other areas.  Drop us your comments on what your area of the province produces, we would be delighted to know!

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