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Say NO to single use plastics

Say NO to single use plastics

The problem of plastic pollution just keeps growing causing misery for thousands of animals, destroying eco systems and impacting our oceans and waterways. We have all seen the pictures of dead whales and birds with plastics in their stomachs or plastic that has become wrapped around animals causing a slow, painful death. Or of beachesContinue Reading



Many Women’s Institute members are unsure of how the organization is involved with the United Nations. The following article, written by Elizabeth Rushton, Alberta Women’s Institutes, during her terms as Area President of ACWW for Canada, outlines those links as they existed in 1999. “Probably one of the lesser known activities of ACWW is itsContinue Reading

Into a New Term – History in the Making!

Now that September has arrived, we start a new term of activities and of making history. The coming term of 2018 – 2019 will have some momentous events marking memorable events, and creating some new history for the Women’s Institutes. In July of 2018, the Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada Convention was held in Winnipeg,Continue Reading

A Glance at Women’s Institutes in Earlier years

Among the many newspaper clippings I have located through my time as Provincial Historian, I have two or more which cite some of Women’s Institute happenings just after World War 2. With the war over, the members turned their thoughts to more traditional subjects, and certainly craft work and the preservation of heritage activities, includingContinue Reading

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