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A Glance at Women’s Institutes in Earlier years

Among the many newspaper clippings I have located through my time as Provincial Historian, I have two or more which cite some of Women’s Institute happenings just after World War 2. With the war over, the members turned their thoughts to more traditional subjects, and certainly craft work and the preservation of heritage activities, includingContinue Reading

Network News – June/September/October 2018


Say NO to Single use Plastics

Say NO to Single use Plastics

  SAY NO TO SINGLE USE PLASTICS The problems of plastic pollution just keeps growing  causing misery for thousands of animals , destroying ego systems and impacting our oceans and waterways. We have all seen the pictures of dead whales and birds with plastics in their stomachs or plastic  that becomes wrapped around animals causingContinue Reading

The Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Woman of the Year Award

The Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Woman of the Year Award

When I received the phone call informing me that I was the recipient of the Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Woman of the Year Award for 2018 I was most surprised. I knew I had been nominated in 2017 but I had become involved in other matters and the pending announcement for 2018 did not occur toContinue Reading

Madge Robertson – before she became Madge Watt

Many of us know little about Madge Rose Robertson’s life before she married Alfred Tennyson Watt. I have read some articles on her childhood and education years, including the book“Madge Robertson Watt and the ACWW written by Linda M. Ambrose. Madge was the eldest of two daughters born to Henry Robertson and Bethia Rose Robertson. She hadContinue Reading

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