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Women We Recognize, Revere and Remember

Women We Recognize, Revere and Remember

February 19, 2018 marks the 121st anniversary of the founding of the first Women’s Institute in the world. WHERE did this happen – in Stoney Creek, Ontario; WHY  did it happen? to bring women together to share their knowledge of ways to make their pioneer lifestyle healthier and easier, and to develop some laughter andContinue Reading


The SHAKE Technical Package for Salt reduction has been developed by WHO in collaboration with the WHO Collaborating Centre for Population Salt Reduction at the George Institute for Global Health in Sydney, Australia, with input from a global network of salt reduction experts. The SHAKE Package has been designed to assist Member States with theContinue Reading

Revitalization of ALR

Presentation to the Minister’s Advisory Committee  regarding the Revitalization of ALR and ALC: Peace River District Women’s Institute represented by Jill Copes, Katharina Keuth and Ruby McBeth Thank you for giving us the opportunity to express some of our concerns regarding the revitalization of the Agriculture Land Commission and the Agriculture Land Reserve. One ofContinue Reading

Pen Pals, Anyone?

For many, many years, the Associated Country Women of the World have encouraged members to become pen pals with members in other countries. The same is encouraged within Canada, in an effort, in both cases, to stimulate conversation, encourage the trading of opinions and in general create a healthy attitude between people who really don’tContinue Reading

Participation and Prizes

Many of us spent a lot a time this past month in front of the television screen watching the Olympic Winter Games from Korea. Time and again we heard “preparation and practice are the keys to making a winning champion.” And Canada is justifiably proud of the accomplishments of those athletes who represented us inContinue Reading

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