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The BCWI is an educational organization for women and families since 1897, and active in BC since 1909.

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And So to Christmas

Have you every wondered about the story behind the Christmas song, “Silver Bells?” — if so, read on: Written by Ray Evans and Jay Livingston, Silver Bells  was originally titled “Tinkle Bells”.  A deadline for the completion of the Christmas song slated for a soon to be released movie was looming, and the song writersContinue Reading

Network News – November/December/January 2019-2020

NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY 2019 2020.pubContinue Reading

A Young Girl and a National Event

In 1919 a  fourteen year old girl, Margaret McGrath, with her mother, attended the Manitoba Women’s Institute provincial convention at the Agricultural College. One evening the Manitoba delegates gathered at the  big ballroom of the Royal Alexandra Hotel, the same hotel at which provincial representatives from many Canadian provinces were meeting to create the FederatedContinue Reading

BCWI 38th Triennial Convention June 2020

BCWI 38th Triennial Convention June 2020

Below is information regarding our BCWI 38th Triennial Convention, June 2020. If you require this information emailed to you, please do not hesitate to contact Betty Bartlett at bcwi@bcwi.ca 2020 TRIENNIAL COVER LETTER 2020 TRIENNIAL COMPANION TOURS 2020 TRIENNIAL SATURDAY TOURS 2020 TRIENNIAL ACCOMMODATIONS 2020 TRIENNIAL REGISTRATION FORMContinue Reading

The Persons Case Revisited

The Persons Case Revisited

This October will mark the 90th Anniversary of the Persons Case in Canada. From the Canadian Encyclopedia comes this overview of the case: “Alberta’s Famous Five were petitioners in the groundbreaking Person’s Case brought before the Supreme Court in 1927, and later decided by the Judicial Council of Britain’s Privy Council (1929)m Canada’s highest courtContinue Reading

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