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“Women of Conscience United”

A modern day salute to the Women’s Institute is reprinted here with the permission of the author, Laurie Gourlay, Nick Longo, as well as the magazines Take 5 and Island Woman. We thank them for their cooperation.                              Ruth Fenner, BC Women’sContinue Reading

And So To Christmas

The festive season serves to being out the better aspects of humanity, and sometimes, even the more creative side of people! Such was the case with one member in the Bulkley-Tweedsmuir District in British Columbia when she wrote the following poem: “HOW DRIFTWOOD ALMOST LOST SANTA” “T’was the week before Christmas and all ’round theContinue Reading

Quick & Easy Basket Wreath

Quick & Easy Basket Wreath

Fun & easy way to make beautiful Christmas wreaths from coffee filters, clothes hanger, glue gun & your imagination Supplies needed: 1 package of basket coffee filters (at least 100 regular size) 1 wire clothes hanger Glue gun & glue sticks Embellishments Your imagination To start the project: Make Coffee filter flowers: Take one coffeeContinue Reading

BCWI does make darn good jam!!

BCWI does make darn good jam!!

We love our retro look poster. It’s true we do make darn good jam! We are not just an old ladies group. We are interested in issues that affect the province and your community. Find your local branch click here Become a member click here          Continue Reading

Women’s Institutes, are they just Old Ladies Groups?

 Are the Women’s Institutes just Old Ladies Groups? If I have heard this question many times than I am sure that every other WI member has also heard it. I think it is time to set the record straight and address this statement that we have all heard at one time or another. This commentContinue Reading

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