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“Women of Conscience United”

A modern day salute to the Women’s Institute is reprinted here with the permission of the author, Laurie Gourlay, Nick Longo, as well as the magazines Take 5 and Island Woman. We thank them for their cooperation.                              Ruth Fenner, BC Women’sContinue Reading

Site C Dam – How Valuable is Farmland?

Site C Dam – How Valuable is Farmland?

How valuable is farmland? Site C dam, a proposal by BC Hydro to build a third dam on the Peace River will flood over 8000 acres of prime farm land with capabilities found nowhere else in Canada. This unique valley has a micro climate that could provide food security for this region and beyond. CanadaContinue Reading

Save the Peace River Valley

BC Women’s Institute is opposed to the construction of any further hydro-electric dams such as the proposed Site C on the Peace River.  Even though the resolution regarding Site C was adopted by the membership in 2008, it is still an on-going concern for the following reasons: human health, environmental impact and loss of valuableContinue Reading

Re-Purposing Will it Become Habit?

  How to Look at Minimizing Our Impact on the Environment In a Different Way     RE-PURPOSING – Can re-purposing  become a habit? Here are some ways you may want to try: fabric softener sheets – use them to gently clean the lint from the dryer screen, remove pet hairs from upholstery & clothing, sewContinue Reading

Site C Clean Energy Project 11-05-63919

                  On November 4, 2011 British Columbia Women’s Institute submitted the following comments to Brian Murphy, Project Assessment Director, BC Environment Assessment Office, and to Linda Jones, Manager, Canadian Environmental Assessment Office. RE: Site C Clean Energy Project 11-05-63919 The British Columbia Women’s Institute submits its concernsContinue Reading

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