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This is the season of family, of being together, going to events and enjoying our time with each other. It is also a time of early darkness, a time when people spend more time indoors and generally may have less contact with others.  Loneliness is not just a seasonal problem but it seems to becomeContinue Reading

Network News – November/December/January 2017/2018

NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY 2017 2018Continue Reading

Merry Christmas to All

What is Christmas? To a man of the cloth it ‘s looking out at the upturned faces of his congregation as he reads once again the Christian world’s most beautiful story and to pray as men have been praying for over 2000 years, that in the coming year perhaps we shall at last see “PeaceContinue Reading

Remembrance Day and the WI

Remembrance Day and the WI

The current generation of Canadians are familiar with the  marking of Remembrance Day each November, and the sacrifices of so many young Canadians on numerous battlefields around the world. First, a brief history lesson in how citizens can influence the governments of the day: This is taken from the BCWI History Book titled  100 YearsContinue Reading

The United Nations and Women’s Institutes

Everyone knows the United Nations was formed in 1945 when 51 countries from six continents joined together in this world body. Today the United Nations has 193 member nations, and works in many fields around the world. Through the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW), the Women’s Institutes have Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) status withContinue Reading

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