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Sleuthing out the Story of the Silver Teapot

Since I assumed the role of the Provincial Historian of the British Columbia Women’s Institute, I have had many boxes of materials to checked over and select those items that Archives and Museums wish to receive.  It has been my pleasure to see these papers now housed where they will be preserved for others toContinue Reading


May the song of Christmas Be music to your ears A symphony of love That resounds throughout the year That brings you nearer to your neighbour And closer to your friend That becomes a natural outpouring Of love that never ends May its tempo so reflect The joyous gladness of that day That it excitesContinue Reading

1919 – Women’s Institute, Coast to Coast

1919 – Women’s Institute, Coast to Coast

In 1897 the first Women’s Institute was formed in Ontario and by 1914 there was either a Provincial Women’s Institute entity in each of Canada’s nine provinces, or a parallel organization of rural women. Saskatchewan’s rural women were known, until 1972, as the Saskatchewan Homemakers Clubs. After Newfoundland and Labrador joined the Canadian family inContinue Reading

Adelaide’s Dream – Then & Now

Adelaide’s Dream – Then & Now

In 1897, at Stoney Creek Ontario, Adelaide Hunter Hoodless’ dream of an organization to help women learn to better manage their homes and be more effective in preparing their children for the future came to fruition with the founding of the first Women’s Institute. Designed as both a place of learning and a source ofContinue Reading

“Women of Conscience United”

A modern day salute to the Women’s Institute is reprinted here with the permission of the author, Laurie Gourlay, Nick Longo, as well as the magazines Take 5 and Island Woman. We thank them for their cooperation.                              Ruth Fenner, BC Women’sContinue Reading

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