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Seed Catalogues and Dreams

In the early years, across Canada’s snow belt  women who possessed a green thumb often found the winter months slow and boring. But with the arrival of March, the post office delivered those wonderful books that brought colour to their bleak surroundings, and with that colour, hope and renewal! This magical book was the seedContinue Reading

A Lesson From Yesterday For Today

In this month, February 2017, as we look back through time, we must acknowledge the foresight and determination of Adelaide Hunter Hoodless and Erland Lee as they set out , 120 years ago, to found a new women’s organization. Yes, there was a great need for more education for women, particularly rural women, who didContinue Reading

WI Member takes Political action in pursuit of her passion

This Fall the BC Government invited presentations from the public to a Select All Party Committee for the BC Legislature on Finance whose mandate was to develop priorities for next year’s budget. Helen Overnes, Oliver WI, saw an opportunity! No stranger to political action (see Helen’s bio on pg 81 100 Women of the BCWI)Continue Reading

Sleuthing out the Story of the Silver Teapot

Since I assumed the role of the Provincial Historian of the British Columbia Women’s Institute, I have had many boxes of materials to checked over and select those items that Archives and Museums wish to receive.  It has been my pleasure to see these papers now housed where they will be preserved for others toContinue Reading


May the song of Christmas Be music to your ears A symphony of love That resounds throughout the year That brings you nearer to your neighbour And closer to your friend That becomes a natural outpouring Of love that never ends May its tempo so reflect The joyous gladness of that day That it excitesContinue Reading

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