May the song of Christmas

Be music to your ears

A symphony of love

That resounds throughout the year

That brings you nearer to your neighbour

And closer to your friend

That becomes a natural outpouring

Of love that never ends

May its tempo so reflect

The joyous gladness of that day

That it excites your heart

And makes brighter your pathway

And may the fullness of its tones

As it louder swells

Kindle faith within your spirit

By the peeling of the bell

We pray the song of Christmas

Resounds throughout the year

And we hope you are receptive

Child-like enough to hear!

Joy Belle Burgess

These are just some of the memories that many of us share at this wonderful time of the year – memories of Christmases past filled with the love of family, heart-warming activities and traditions that have somehow slipped away with the passing of the years.

We remember the long go community Christmas parties where the organizers had arranged a feast for all members of the community, gifts for all the children and a memory making evening for all. Many of these events were planned and funded by Women’s Institutes, and they served to bring the communities together and foster good will and friendships that survived many years.

May we all have a community Christmas, and may we look forward to a wonderful year filled with the joy, love and happiness that permeated the world of Christmases past.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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