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December Trivia

Christmas Trivia 












See if you can identify the following Christmas Carols, by Irene Green, Nor’ Pioneer Women’s Institute:

  1.  Bleached Yuletide
  2. Gather, all you devotees
  3. One dozen days of seasonal celebration
  4. Embellish the corridors with branches
  5. Nocturnal Quietude
  6. Listen! The entities are in song!
  7. Oh Blessed late day and very early morning
  8. The petite percussionist male
  9. Afar in the stall
  10. Listen, are we in sync with the sound?
  11. Dinging conical noise makers
  12. Sterling dinging cones
  13. Active sleeping while thinking or longing for a snow fall
  14. Ruminant with a sign of being cold (or did he have too much Christmas Cheer?)
  15. Good Yule tidings to you!

Answer the above questions and enter for a chance to win a BCWI Pen! Good Luck!


From the BCWI Board Members & Staff!!

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