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Re-Purposing Will it Become Habit?

  How to Look at Minimizing Our Impact on the Environment In a Different Way     RE-PURPOSING – Can re-purposing  become a habit? Here are some ways you may want to try: fabric softener sheets – use them to gently clean the lint from the dryer screen, remove pet hairs from upholstery & clothing, sewContinue Reading

Site C Clean Energy Project 11-05-63919

                  On November 4, 2011 British Columbia Women’s Institute submitted the following comments to Brian Murphy, Project Assessment Director, BC Environment Assessment Office, and to Linda Jones, Manager, Canadian Environmental Assessment Office. RE: Site C Clean Energy Project 11-05-63919 The British Columbia Women’s Institute submits its concernsContinue Reading

Gardening Thyme

The Scents of Summer My garden was recently in our local library’s yearly Garden Tour and  one of the plants I have in my garden that I thought would get the most attention, did.  It is a very unusual plant but it’s most appealing habit is its scent.  Summer always evokes in me the memories of scents,Continue Reading

Hydraulic Fracturing of Natural Gas

Hydraulic Fracturing of Natural Gas

The new wave in oil and gas exploration in the last ten years has certainly been the use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of rock layers deep beneath the earth’s surface for the purpose of releasing natural gas. This is a process whereby huge quantities of ‘slickwater’ are injected into a well at pressures so highContinue Reading

Freshwater in Canada: A Finite Resource

British Columbia Women’s Institute recommends that all levels of Government enact legislation to protect our water now and for the future. We are concerned about protecting freshwater in Canada. Water is a limited and vulnerable resource that is the basic necessity of life. British Columbia Women’s Institute has, for some time, had a vested interestContinue Reading

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