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What Country Women are Doing – 1933

Earlier this year, I wrote about a book which was edited by Sholto Watt titled “What Country Women of the World are Doing”. This volume of some 258 pages, compiled from submissions of country women from all active member countries of the Associated Country Women of the World, highlights some of the lighter, entertaining activitiesContinue Reading

The 1962 Health Brief, Part 2

The first column dedicated to the BRIEF PRESENTED TO THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HEALTH SERVICES, as prepared by the British Columbia Women’s Institute appeared on the organization’s website this past January. In this column, we will examine other points that were addressed, and how they have been addressed in the years since 1962. Some ofContinue Reading

Do You Live Life “In The Fast Lane?”

Among the many Women’s Institute papers I have sorted since the BCWI History Books were written I have found some gems of life advice from the time of their earlier printing. Recently I found the following poem, published in a column by “Dear Abby”. Introducing it, she wrote: I recently published a prayer entitled “SlowContinue Reading

Stockholm, Sweden, 1933

In  his book, What Country Women of the World Are Doing, Sholto Watt, son of Madge and Dr. Alfred Watt, covered the June 1933 meeting in Stockholm, Sweden at some length. Here it was the name the Associated Country Women of the World was chosen and written in four languages on the blackboard: English, French,Continue Reading

The Times They Are A-Changing

January 2020 arrived with great plans for the British Columbia Women’s Institute: while the members of South Vancouver Island District were busily planning the Provincial Convention planned for June in the Saanich area of Vancouver Island, and the Associated Country Women of the World area conference at the same venue few days later, no oneContinue Reading

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