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Remote WI’s that have Come and Gone

Remote WI’s that have Come and Gone

When I write these columns for the British Columbia Women’s Institute website, I try to focus on the achievements of the many women’s Institutes that have performed notable tasks and have been highly successful. But there have been a host of Women’s Institute branches who have come and gone over the past 110 years, andContinue Reading

How to make an easy face mask that’s washable and reusable with spare fabric

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Women’s Institutes: Cooperation in Their Communities

In many communities throughout British Columbia there is a very special bond between the community and the Women’s Institute that functions there. In the early years this developed as the centres expanded to offer the services all communities need: libraries, better health services, community halls, and the fun and friendship that was part of theContinue Reading

Network News – February/March 2020

FEBRUARY MARCH 2020Continue Reading

58 Years Ago

In my sorting of Women’s Institute materials, I have had the great good fortune of becoming more knowledgeable about some of the tremendous efforts made by members who have passed on to the next realm. Just a few months ago, I was fortunate to find a copy of the Brief presented to the Royal CommissionContinue Reading

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