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Tomatoes – FAQ

Tomatoes – FAQ

                                                                              Tomatoes –  Most Frequently Asked Questions When we operated our Garden Centre we were asked theContinue Reading

Container Garden

Does gardening often sound over whelming? Too much work? All that digging,weeding, watering, the constant wear and tear on our hands, backs and knees. Sometimes that can be too much to deal with but the alternative is having no fresh garden grown vegetables.  As most of us know the produce in grocery stores cannot compareContinue Reading

Poinsettia:The Christmas Plant

Do you remember a time when Poinsettias were only available in the traditional red colour? Now there seems to be an endless assortment of varieties and colours, pinks, burgundy, whites, limes, speckled, those that are floral sprayed, yellows, and even multi coloured ones.They are not only sold as individual plants, but are potted up inContinue Reading

Gardening Thyme

The Scents of Summer My garden was recently in our local library’s yearly Garden Tour and  one of the plants I have in my garden that I thought would get the most attention, did.  It is a very unusual plant but it’s most appealing habit is its scent.  Summer always evokes in me the memories of scents,Continue Reading

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