Knitted Baby Bonnets

Knitted Baby Bonnets

Our branch, Northside WI, had a knitting afternoon and made these little hats for our local hospitals New Born Babies. It was a fun time. Some of us were very beginners but had good teachers.

Knitted Baby Bonnet


1 Ball Sock Wool or Baby Wool
1 pair No 9 and 10 Knitting Needles


Cast on 72 sts using No 10 Knitting Needles
K1,P1 for 7 rows

Change to No 9 Knitting Needles
Knit in stocking stitch (K1Row, P1Row) for 4”


Row 1 K5,K2tog (K7, K2tog across )
Row 2 Purl across
Row 3 K4, K2tog (K6, K2tog across)
Row 4 Purl across
Row 5 K3, K2tog (K5, K2tog across)
Row 6 Purl across
Row 7 K2, K2tog (K4, K2tog across)
Row 8 Purl across
Row 9 K1, K2tog (K3, K2tog across)
Row 10 Purl across
Row 11 K1 K2tog (K2, K2tog across)
Row 12 Purl across
Row 13 K1 (,K1, K2tog across)
Row 14 K2tog across

Cut thread draw wool through loop draw up and sew Hat up

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One Response to Knitted Baby Bonnets

  1. D clarke says:

    Instructions for the baby hat pattern says knit 1 purl 1 for 7 rows. However in the photo it is knit 2 purl 2.
    Which is correct please?

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