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Poinsettia:The Christmas Plant

pink poinsettiaDo you remember a time when Poinsettias were only available in the traditional red colour? Now there seems to be an endless assortment of varieties and colours, pinks, burgundy, whites, limes, speckled, those that are floral sprayed, yellows, and even multi coloured ones.They are not only sold as individual plants, but are potted up in planters with iviespoinsettia planter and other flowering plants. Poinsettias are one of the most popular plants in the world, they have been bred to be long blooming, they are cheap to buy, and they adorn our homes beautifully with their bright colours.

Tips for Buying Poinsettias:

Buy only from stores in which the other poinsettias in the store look healthy. Chances are if you buy a plant that does not look well, it will not pick up at home. It’s better to get a healthy one at the start.

– When choosing a plant, look for those that still have fresh green or red tipped leaves. Choose plants that have nicely coloured and expanded bracts ( the coloured part of the plant)

– The foliage should be dense and plentiful

– The plant should be about 2 to 3 times bigger than the pot

– Many people don’t realize that the flowers of the Poinsettia are the part of the plant found in the center of the leaves. The flower should look yellowish green and still be opening.

– The leaves should not be rolled up or yellow

– Try to avoid buying plants that have been left in low light or chilly areas, as this can cause the plant to loose it’s leaves

-Poinsettias are very cold sensitive, be sure to wrap your plant well after leaving the store

poinsettiasTips for Caring for Your Poinsettia:

– They need at least 6 hours of light

– They need a consistent temperature, not too chilly or too hot, so not too close to a fireplace or a window

Do not overwater, it is best to allow them to dry out between waterings

– Do not leave the pot standing in water

-They benefit from misting

– Don’t fertilize the plant when it is blooming

Contrary to popular belief the plants are not poisonous and are actually very helpful in removing pollutants from the air in our homes. You can keep your poinsettia from year to year, and there some techniques to follow to get them to rebloom for the next holiday season.

So enjoy this great plant in whatever colour you choose, not only is it a traditional part of our holiday decorating from centrepieces on the table, to large plants sitting on the floor, but it has the added benefit of helping the air quality in our homes!



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