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Quick & Easy Basket Wreath

Quick & Easy Basket Wreath

Fun & easy way to make beautiful Christmas wreaths from coffee filters, clothes hanger, glue gun & your imagination


Supplies needed:

  • 1 package of basket coffee filters (at least 100 regular size)
  • 1 wire clothes hanger
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Embellishments
  • Your imagination

To start the project:

  1. Make Coffee filter flowers:
    • Take one coffee filter, fold it in half gently pinch the folded side in the middle and twist; this should make the coffee filter look like a flower. Repeat this for at least 50 filters
  2. Wire hanger:
    • Take the wire clothes hanger and make it into a circle. I found if I could hook it on something solid it was much easier to make it circular. I folded the hanger part up into the center to be used to glue embellishments on. (stiff wire can be used instead)
  3. Start gluing:
    • Now take the coffee filters in pairs and glue to the clothes hanger. Do this all the way around the hanger. Be careful with the fingers as the glue is rather hot
  4. Embellish:
    • Now use your imagination to embellish your coffee basket wreath
  5. Attachment:
    • Cut a piece of wire or string 7 inches to make a loop at the top of the wreath for hanging


Picture 1 – silver & white embellished with Christmas bulbs and pine cones sprayed silver


  Picture 2 – Pink tufted coffee filters (tips brushed with red food coloring), hanging angel & battery operated lights


 Picture 3 – Snowman & white filters embellished with red & with batter operated lights



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